Here are a few helpful resources during this time of isolation.


The Rubin Museum Care Package
Inspired by the practices reflected in Buddhist visual culture, these resources from the Rubin Museum of Art may help you handle stress and foster peace of mind wherever you are.
The Well-Being Plan from Unicef

Springboard’s Google Group
There was a discussion about finding ways to keep in touch with each other, as Sangha members, as we all practice the “social distancing” that is necessary for now. We have created a “Google Group” which is essentially an email list with a closed group of members. Anyone in the group can email the whole group. All messages are archived on the Google groups page.
If you join, you can change your personal settings so that you get an email each time a member sends one, or you get a summary email at specific intervals. You can leave at any time.

If you’d like to join, please email Dana Barron:, and ask to be added to the Springboard Sangha Google group.


Tara Brach’s Resources for a Home Retreat
Creating a Home Retreat: Finding Freedom Wherever You Are


10% Happier
Listen to Jack Kornfield on Ten Percent Happier Live | Bonus Episode from Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris on Apple Podcasts.
Michael McDermott Sends Greetings from Asia

Michael McDermott Sends Greetings from Asia

Greetings from Yangon, Myanmar! I’ve had an amazing two months in Southeast Asia. In January I was Artist in Residence at ComPeung in northern Thailand where I was making field recordings, sound designing for some upcoming projects and experiencing the beautiful landscapes, people, smells, sights and sounds of the region​.

Here’s a piece I made inspired by the landscapes of Thailand and Myanmar. Traveling in the land that’s home to Theravada Buddhism has been profoundly powerful. There’s so many temples, stuppas, pagodas, monks and lots of psychedelic Buddha shrines! To see all this first hand has changed me and given me perspective on the practice, dhamma and the nature of connection.​ Click below to hear and download this new piece of music “Once You Hear This You Will Always Be a Part of the Song“.

My next stop will be a residency in North India at PECAH in the Uttarakhand region in the foothills of the Himalayas. There I’ll be working on Echozoo, playing and collaborating with North Indian musicians and artists and working on upcoming projects for a very busy April when I return to Philadelphia for a month. If you’re in Philadelphia I’ll be involved in a number of projects including:​
— Sound design for an installation with the SPACES Artist Residency at Village of Arts and Humanities
— A new score for Nora Gibson Contemporary Ballet
— Mikronesia Landscapes concert (with visuals by William Fields) at Event Horizon
— Sound design collaboration with Liza Goodell for an animal creature installation at University City Arts League
— Teaching about lucid dreaming, Deep Listening®, and mindfulness of listening at a Dream Yoga retreat with Yoga Nidra teachings by Michelle Stortz including an overnight ambient music concert by myself at St. Raphaela’s Retreat Center in Haverford, PA on April 14-15. (See poster below). Register now if you’re interested. Space is limited!

with Mettā!