Here are some tips for having a great Zoom experience

Mute/Unmute – Keep yourself on mute unless you are going to speak. This keeps the call quiet for others and it also prevents someone making noise from popping up as the speaker on everyone’s screen

  1. On desktop/laptop: move your cursor to the bottom left of your screen and you’ll see icons for a microphone and a video screen. You can click either of these to switch your mic and your video on and off. When they’re off, you’ll see a red line through the icon.
  2. Mobile device: Touch the screen and you should see the icons appear.

Speaker vs Gallery View – you can also switch between two views. In Gallery View you will see everyone on the call in small windows at the same time. Depending on your device, you may see everyone or just a few people on each screen. To switch views:

  1. On desktop/laptop: Top right corner click on Gallery View or Speaker View (whichever one is showing and the view will change).
  2. On an iPhone: swipe left and right to view more images. Swipe right to the last screen for Speaker view.
  3. On an iPad: Touch the screen and you’ll see a button at the top left for Gallery/Speaker view.

Chat Window – If anyone sends a message to the entire group (or to you privately), you’ll see your Chat icon turn orange. When you click on the Chat icon, a message window will open and you’ll be able to see any text messages shared by the group. You can open and close the chat window as often as you like.

Participant Window – You can see the name or phone number of everyone on the call in this window. Look for the Participants icon at the bottom of your screen or by touching your mobile device. You can also use this window to raise your hand to speak if the host has you muted during a session.